Buying a home is likely to be the largest purchase you'll ever make, but doesn't also have to be the most nerve-wracking experience you'll ever undertake. A good REALTOR® will be involved every step of the way and be your guide, ally, negotiator, often mediator, tutor and perhaps life-long friend.

A good REALTOR® will get involved early to help you navigate financing, from choosing a good lender and program to pre-qualifying for an amount you can comfortably carry.

Perhaps most associated with a REALTOR® is the home search process. A good REALTOR® will be patient and help you find the best home for you, without regard to how much time that may take or their financial stake in it. Mine is not the sole source of income in our household, so you will never feel me pressure you into something that is not a good fit. I can afford to wait for the search to move at your pace.

A good REALTOR® will also stay engaged late in the process, even after the offer is written, helping you through inspection and appraisal, and renegotiating, if necessary, based on those findings.

Referrals and return-customers account for approximately 86% of my business. These people believe I am one of the good REALTOR®s. Call me and let me prove it!


COMMUNICATION. In any relationship communication is key. I answer my phone! I can be reached via phone, text, email, chat … you name it and I have the capability to do it. I will also follow up with you at least weekly with any status updates, even if there’s nothing to tell.

PROFESSIONAL MARKETING. In my mind you need to spend money to make money. I’m not afraid to spend my own money on professional photography, a personal website, virtual tours and social media to get your home looking it’s best in front of thousands of eyes.

OUR OFFICES ALL WORK TOGETHER. We have four Coldwell Banker Tomlinson offices in the area. Need to drop off an earnest money check and one office is more convenient than the other? Problem solved! We work as a team to make all our clients lives as stress-free as possible. Let’s be honest, there will always be some sort of stress involved when buying or selling a home so let’s work to reduce that.

I KNOW PEOPLE. Need a recommendation for a lender, title company, attorney, plumber, inspector, HVAC repair, foundation repair, sewer scope, structural engineer … I’m your gal! I can direct you to the right person for the job when it comes to your home.

DUAL LICENSED IN BOTH WA & ID. Not sure whether you want to purchase in WA or ID? Selling your home in ID and want to purchase in WA? I am licensed in BOTH states. This means you have the pleasure of working with just one REALTOR, me! And of course you I can help you with just one of the states as well.


Being an informed buyer could mean the difference between thousands in savings or expenses & heartache. Being informed can also help with your comfort level when making such a large purchase. Please feel free to take advantage of the information I have carefully collected over the years.


  • What to Consider Before You Buy A Home Educate and empower yourself before you buy a home. It is important that you buy a home that will be what you expected and one that is a safe and smart investment. By understanding the process and the market you are in, you can buy with confidence.
  • Coldwell Banker Mortgage Resources Look here for answers to almost any question you may have about the financing of your home, what type of mortgage is best for you, Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and more.
  • Moving Checklist A time-based checklist to help plan for and improve your moving experience.
  • Packing Tips These 12 packing tips can make your weekend move quick, organized and doable.



I have personally worked with these lenders and can recommend them with confidence.


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